What is Access Bars?

Picture of Caitlin performing Reiki on a client on a massage table. They both look very peaceful.

What is Access Bars?

The Access Bars are a set of 32 points on your head that correspond to different aspects and areas of life such as your thoughts, ideas, decisions, attitudes and beliefs.

When these points are held, the negative and self-limiting aspects are released, providing a reset and release for the mind.

Caitlin's studio featuring a massage table in the foreground with shelves containing colourful healing remedies such as essential oils, crystals and flower essences.

Benefits of Access Bars

Having your Bars run is incredibly calming and mindful. I have found it to be extremely relaxing and effective for both adults and for kids.

Access Bars can help you:

  • Feel deeply relaxed
  • Reduce mind chatter and stress
  • Erase self-limitations and negative thought patterns