Services and Pricing

Director of Flourish Wellness Studio
Caitlin Halliwell

Kinesiology made me happier, more motivated and less stressed.

Kinesiology is an amazing opportunity to find out more about yourself and your way of life.

Kinesiology has helped me not worry about what other people think about me

I would love to work with you to clear stress and put your health and wellbeing first. My full list of services and offerings are below.


Kinesiology is a natural therapy that clears physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual stress from the body. Using muscle testing to access the subconcious mind, the kinesiologist will identify the underlying cause of your stress or physical symptom and use natural remedies to restore the body’s energy systems back to a balanced state.

  • Initial Consultation $195 90 minutes
  • Standard Consultation $130 60 minutes
  • Online Consultation $130 60 minutes


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique. The word Reiki can be translated as “Universal Life Energy” and this gentle modality can help restore balance and harmony to the body.

  • Initial Consultation $160 75 minutes
  • Standard Consultation $130 60 minutes
  • Express Consultation $100 45 minutes
  • Online Consultation $130 60 minutes

Self-Care products

Caitlin hand-makes a beautiful range of vibrational mists, essential oil rollers and Magnesium salt products in her clinic at Frankston South. Each product is designed to raise your vibration and help to support you through the challenges of every-day life. Flourish Self-Care also stocks a range of carefully curated products that help you engage your heart, connect with your intuition and listen to your body. Shop our range of crystals, essential oils, books, oracle cards, plants and gift packs in clinic (by appointment) or online now (crystals and plants not available online).

Being a first timer Caitlin made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and helped me gain perspective on what was troubling me. She guided me through my worries and gave me so many different things on how to handle my specific situations. Caitlin is an amazing person and if you’re looking to know yourself better definitely go to her!!