Parents and Carers Support

Parents and Carers Support

One of my passions is supporting the parents of neurodivergent and sensitive kids, particularly those who are sensitive themselves.

Realising my own family’s neurodiversity took me on a journey from overwhelm and burnout towards understanding, acceptance and healing that has equipped me with knowledge, tools and strategies to support families with children and adults with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing differences and energetic sensitivities.

I provide a safe, empathetic and understanding space where you can be seen, heard, understood and supported.  

Whether you are at the beginning of your parenting journey or many years in, you may feel like you are:

  • Struggling with feelings of overwhelm, grief, anger or loss.
  • Going in circles trying to meet your child’s needs in a world that doesn’t seem to suit them.
  • Struggling to maintain your own self-care and mental health whilst caring for your child/children.
  • Feeling like there are so many people needing things from you and you are out of energy to continue giving in the way you might like to.

Working with me will support you to let go of beliefs, burdens and responsibilities that no longer work for you, making room to create a life that supports and nurtures your whole family.

I can support you to:

  • Come back into your body and go from fight or flight to rest and digest mode.
  • Shift limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in old thoughts or actions.
  • Let go of ideas that no longer serve you about how life or parenting “should” be so you can embrace a new way of being.
  • Strip away childhood messages you received about who you are or how you are meant to act in the world so that you are free to embrace your true self.
  • Provide a safe space as you work through and release feelings of grief, guilt or sadness.
  • Help you create simple shifts in your mindset and in your day that will give you more energy so you are no longer overwhelmed and pouring from an empty cup.
  • Empower you with strategies to reimagine and recreate a life that supports and nurtures you and your family.

I am passionate about helping you reimagine your life in a way that is supportive of both the needs of your family and also your own need to experience joy and purpose in each day.

Neuro-affirming support for kids and teens

If you are the parent or carer of a neurodivergent child or teen find out more about how I can support your child.