Neuro-affirming support

Neurodivergent and Sensitive Children

Being both a teacher and part of a neurodiverse family has equipped me with knowledge, tools and strategies to support children with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing differences and energetic sensitivities.

Neurodivergent and sensitive children are often absorbing an increased amount of sensory stimuli and are sensitive to energy that others may not be aware of.

For this reason they can greatly benefit from Kinesiology, Reiki and Access Bars which can help to ground them in their body, calm the nervous system and release stress and overwhelm.

If you have a child who:

  • Struggles with big emotions and finds it hard to identify how they are feeling;
  • Has sensory sensitivities that you as a parent are struggling to accommodate;
  • Suffers with anxiety or excessive worry;

I can support them to:

  • Gain awareness of how they are feeling.
  • Identify, process and let go of stored emotions.
  • Be more grounded in their body.
  • Calm the nervous system and reduce “fight or flight” so they can spend more time in “rest and digest” mode.
  • Release stress and overwhelm, calming the physical body.
  • Work through worries and troubles to feel more clear and calm.

I find kids and teens particularly love participating in the sessions and experiencing the sensory remedies such as essential oils, colours, light torches, crystals and natural artifacts. They have fun learning more about themselves and feeling their energy shift.

All kids leave their session with an essential oil or crystal to keep them connected to their new energetic state at home. 

Parent and Carer Support

If you are the parent or carer of a neurodivergent child or teen find out more about how I can support you to create a life of calm.