About Flourish

Caitlin Halliwell


Hi, I’m Caitlin Halliwell, Director of Flourish Wellness Studio. 

I truly believe that self-care; the act of putting your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing first, is the key to living a life more aligned with your true purpose. I would love to walk hand-in-hand with you on your self-care healing journey.  

A couple of years ago I found myself really lost. I felt disconnected from my heart and from who I was meant to be – I was just going through the motions and putting everyone else’s happiness and wellbeing before my own.  I started taking some small steps to begin to put myself first again. I reconnected with essential oils and crystals which I had not used since my teenage years, as a way to support my wellbeing, and soon began sharing my blends with friends.

I started Flourish Self-Care early in 2020 as a way to share the beautiful, heart-centered, hand-made essential oil mists, rollers and bath salts I was making to support myself through this period of soul searching.  

As part of this journey I came across Kinesiology and from my very first session it was clear to me how transformational it was.  I was amazed at how accurate it was in pinpointing the cause of some of my physical and emotional stressors and at giving me perspective about old habits and beliefs I was holding onto that no longer served me.

I realised that empowering others on their healing journey through Kinesiology was my calling.  I undertook training and certification in the Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology modality and I am very excited to offer Kinesiology consultations and Wellbeing and DIY Home detox workshops as part of the new Flourish Wellness Studio’s core business.  

Flourish Wellness Studio is no longer solely an online product based business. It is now a healing centre focussed on empowering you on your emotional, physical and spiritual journey, through kinesiology, wellbeing workshops and our beautiful handmade and carefully curated healing products.

I think Caitlin is a wonderful practitioner – really professional and easy to deal with.